New AJ Lee (@WWEAJLee) Photo Shoot: Love Bites


02_AJ_05212013jg_0107b 03_AJ_05212013jg_0115b 04_AJ_05212013jg_0140b 05_AJ_05212013jg_0045b 06_AJ_05212013jg_0090b 07_AJ_05212013jg_0157b 08_AJ_05212013jg_0154b 09_AJ_05212013jg_0093b 10_AJ_05212013jg_0124b 11_AJ_05212013jg_0012b 12_AJ_05212013jg_0073b 13_AJ_05212013jg_0092b 14_AJ_05212013jg_0021b 15_AJ_05212013jg_0026b 16_AJ_05212013jg_0123b 17_AJ_05212013jg_0048b 18_AJ_05212013jg_0071b 19_AJ_05212013jg_0028b 20_AJ_05212013jg_0156b

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Hello! I'm Katie and I run the site The Daily Knockout! I'm a huge wrestling fan, most women's but still enjoy the men too. Hope you are enjoying my site!

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